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Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Are your leather steering wheel covers made of 100% genuine cowhide leather?

Answer: With our prices it’s hard to believe but yes, they are 100% top grain cowhide leather.


Question: What type of leather do you sell?

Answer: We only sell upholstery leather (cowhides) for use in all types of autos leathercraft.


QuestionModel of my car is not present on your list of auctions. How can I order a matching steering wheel cover ?

Answer: Please send us your steering wheel measurements according to the instructional picture below and we will make one for you:

Measurement Instruction

Question: Will this cover goes over original one and will it fit over spokes of the wheel ?

Answer: This cover is made to fit on top of the original one it won't cover spokes of the wheel.

Please check the below link:

(Thanks to OTOMCONCEPT: Official YouTube Site)


Question: How can I get additional 10% discount for the item I bought?

Answer: It's very simple. Send us a photo of our steering wheel cover fitted on your steering wheel.


Question: Is this item made from real leather?

Answer: Yes it's made from 100% Genuine Premium Italian Leather (cowhide).


Question: Will this fit a "D" shaped steering wheel ?

Answer: No, at the moment our products match classic circular steering wheels.


Question: Are there any toxic chemicals?

Answer: No, it is 100% natural leather product


Question: Can I order the selected colour of the sewing?

Answer: Yes, you can choose from a variety of colours.

Below is a sample flyer showing the most popular colours of the thread.

However, we also carry out special orders for different colours of the thread:

Most popular thread colours


Question: Is it a brand new product ?

Answer: Yes, it is made of highest quality, original Italian leather.


Kind regards


Ms Steering Ltd


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