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What is ESD and why is it so important?

ESD Electro Static Discharge, is a sudden and momentary electric current that flows between two objects.
In daily life, a common and usually harmless ESD event is the shock that occurs when touching a car door.

When two materials of a different kind touch and rub against each other, one will be charged positively and the other negatively.
The positively-charged object can be considered electrostatic, meaning that it will be discharged when in contact with certain other objects.

Now, in the professional context of refurbishing high-end IT hardware, ESD is a destructive and invisible force that could forbid these high-value electronic devices to be given a second life.
An electro static discharge here, could make components melt or even vaporize.
Some of these damaged micro-parts will not cause the whole device to stop functioning at once but will decrease the lifetime of the product.
This is what we call a latent defect.

In order to limit the amount of RMA’s to an absolute minimum, we continuously invest in an ESD-proof refurbishing environment that we call our ‘ESD-street’.

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What measures do we take to avoid this?

In order to deal with this natural phenomena, we have to proactively channel the discharge away from any electronic devices we handle.

Our entire environment is equipped with anti-static carpets and tables, and our products are bagged in anti-static plastic bags and transported in anti-static boxes.

All employees; handling our products in both the warehouse and refurbishing department, dress accordingly with wristbands and gloves included for full protection.
The ESD-proof designed clothing avoids getting charged, the bracelet is connected to ESD-tables and discharges away from the equipment, and the gloves logically avoid discharge to components as a third measure of controlling ESD.

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